Sunday, March 27, 2011

True Music

heavy metal is not the devils work. Its god's

Hello world and welcome to the blog of a headbanger. Heres a little post about what i see in meople and music nowadays. Have an open mind jackasses...

What do people see in music nowadays? i believe many people understand and would completely agree if i were to say that music plays a massive role in our lives. I dont think its even an exaggeration to make a statement saying " metal is life". Many would agree im sure...
But one question... how does one define "good music"?

Now lets not run from the fact that many people listen to music nowadays to fit in a particular group, because its popular, or to blend in the larger crowd. Can these people really say that they enjoy music? No they dont. They may enjoy the outcome of being "the person that listens to that particular song". But NO, i dont think they enjoy THE SONG. So then i dont think they really have the right to say "music is life".. What they DO have the right to say is,"being a person that listens to xxx musician is life".

This also applies otherwise, some people go against certain musicians not because they dislike that particular musician, but because they think to hate that musician brings them in the crowd or it makes them cooler. A fantastic example would be the infamous Justin Beiber. 1/2 the world hates this motherfuckers monkeyass. WHY? I wont deny, i HATE this motherfucker as well. But for what? let me remind you that the fact that you dont enjoy his music doesnt give you the right to hate him. Hate his song, not HIM. Well for me i hate Justin beiber because of his attitude. I hate his cockiness... HOW is he cocky lets leave it for another day. My point being that, most people hate him because the rest of the world does. Is this correct? Is this right? So you like the songs people like, and you hate the songs people hate.. are you SURE you are a music lover? are YOU SURE YOU ARE A MUSIC LOVER?

Some people listen to a particular form of music because its holy ( yes im bashing people who only listen to religious stuff). Now this is one of those reasons i CANNOT stand. If you enjoy only holy stuff than you definitely cannot relate to the true meaning of music. if its holiness you enjoy than youd enjoy services, prayers, worships just as much as your goddamned holy music. Because the core essense you were looking for were never musical qualities but the religious influences, NOT the melody, NOT the tune, NOT the music. SO your statement should be " RELIGION IS LIFE" not music. YES context is important, but it does NOT define music.

Music should be judged in many ways... lyrics, feel, atmosphere, melody, meaning, sound power/serenity, style, and many other things. You cannot deny the fact that if a person truly enjoys for example, the sound of car engines, he ENJOYS that sound. and that to me is a greater reason to enjoy a sound compared to all those lameass reasons to why people are listening to music nowadays. Its all about loving that tune, that sound, that context and that atmosphere. And if you truly enjoy these things in a song then YES you truly love that song. Some people seek the atmospheric serenity and playful melody scale that Jazz offers, some enjoy the booming bass beats of electronic tracks. Some enjoy the power, complexity, and out of the world awesomeness of heavy metal.

Thats the thing about me.. ask anybody around me. Everyone with the right mind would tell you my intense love for heavy metal is giving me nothing but negative impressions. But NO i would not give it up WHY? because that tune, the power of that bludgeoning riff, the brutal yet beautiful barrage of drum beats, the crazily melodic yet strong guitar solos, hard-pushed and chopping basslines, and that indescribable glass shattering vocals. Not to mention its frequent context of brutality, rebellion, and blasphemous themes. The hellish atmosphere that it imbues in you. i LOVE heavy metal because of the music. Every last corner, every last second and every last musical identity it has to offer.

Of course i understand that musical tastes are very varied. Different people would enjoy different things ( although im sure everyone if given a chance would enjoy metal. People around me that are influenced are proof enough ). I usually do not judge musical tastes ( unless its for joking purposes), i usually would express my view on how shallow certain forms of music is. Thing is, every last argument i throw at people about other forms of music they cannot defend with rational explanations. And every last argument they throw at me about heavy metal i butcher. Why is that? you explain

"Music is life" is an easy statement to make. But its meaning is deeper than you think. Do not use this term unless you truly understand it. Be it jazz, pop, metal or blues. IF you TRULY like it than good for you. FOr those that have been listening to music for the wrong reasons, you are no fan of music. Id take the opportunity to state here as well, that metal is definitely one of the deepest, if not THE deepest form of music on the face of this planet.. take the time to know it, it will only do you good. To the true music lovers, i raise my horns lml lml

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ignorance is weakass bliss

So its been few weeks. And much has happened. Metal and love, never thought these two could collaborate so well. One of my closest brother, Mohammed Redzuan Bin Ibrahim have got his dirty hands on a metal chick. And guess what? i gained ANOTHER pet sister... as always lol. her name is Masayo Tottori AKA GANRYU. YES!!! japanese chick, never thought I could go so well with a japanese LOL. This chick is one of a kind. Chilling, cool, metal and most important of all hates japanese kawaii bullcrap. OH beautiful, this is just what symposium needed, a chick.. a METAL chick. But i didnt approve her with such satisfaction just because she was metal, i can see her dedication, her comfort being in symposium. And i can see she is in this for friendship. Respects for her. Anyways that aside. I hereby give my sincerest blessings to these two assholes. But metal is the greatest. always remember that

The first step i took in campus, i saw nothing but seafood. LALA fucks, anime lovers, and corporate lawyers. I was alone.. SURE my social skills are imba, enabling me to become friends with even the lalaest fuckhead in college. BUT.... i bet any metalhead will understand... It sucks to walk in a crowd of fruity pebbles with your Slayer T-shirt. It sucks more when you shout METAL, and all you get are cockstares. Most of my closest brothers and sisters were merely influenced by me to listen to metal. NONE of them were true metalheads. Or a heavy metal purist. THEN IT HAPPENED, i met redzuan, Sareena, and now masayo. Symposium was never this metal. All i wanted to say was i really appreciate the metal company. But dont get so full of yourselves. wipe that satisfied smile of your faces HAHAH

So then other that, id like to state a few things that im very happy that it happened. Some bonds have become tighter than usual. Me and miki for once. It took awhile for me to get back to this state.. and im happy about it. I have MANY pet sisters. But Miki is probably one that i love the most, weve been through too many things together. This was a bond that i wouldnt give up for a slayer concert. But action proved to be harder than words. Now that things were like before, I am finaly at a state of peace. Me and James have grown alot closer. Weve been sharing alot lately, and i feel like ive earned new-found respect in James... and now we are closer than ever. THIS as well makes happy. Though good things have happened, bad things were never far away.
Some people have dissappointed me, and not just me, many in symposium felt the same. A brother, that never failed in playing a role of a brother. A great friend, and an excellent man. However this man has one weakness - desperation.

This is harsh.. but believe me, i wouldnt give a fucking cracked penny writing this in my blog if i didnt give a fuck. This HAS to change my brother. remember that respect is earned. It is who you are that people will respect. If your cons outhighlight your pros, then youre just gonna lose respect. Alot of us have already lost that respect. Dont let us lose more. Ignorance is bliss.. but ignorant bliss is weakness.

That aside, its metaltalk time. As any true metalheads would understand, metal never gets weaker in you. It only grows stronger. Everyday im a bigger metalhead than I am the day before. Its a passion so big I would probably sacrifice anything for it. To me there was never a better subgenre. There was no metalcore, black metal, death metal, thrash metal or melodic death. To me there is only good and bad metal. And anyone who denied this, has no right of being a metalhead. We dont like bands because they are good looking, or how they dress up. Its the music they play. Always remember that. You are weak if you stereotype.

And lastly, I bid everyone a good day. To symposium, i raise my horns

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Metalhead And His Cock Face

horns be raised readers. Its finally time to update this blog again.

Metalheads are extremely judgemental, I will confess. This is because we are often judge. Judge based on our music. Sam Dunn himself say, that most people think that heavy metal is a less valid form of music, for less valid form of people. Because of this, metalheads have developed a higher tendency to defend themselves whether necessary or not. Take ANY metalhead, if they see another of their brethren on the streets. wearing an iron maiden tshirt for example. metalheads love meeting more of their kind. because they understand what the other person feels. The metalhead would know that this stranger in his own gang has defended metal, stood for it, and will stand for it as long as metal lasts in his/her life. Thats why we will stand forever, as Manowar has sang, DIE FOR METAL lml

Ill talk abit about myself. Im a cinafuck. Living in Malaysia, 97 kgs, 180 cm tall and a hardcore headbanger. but what most people define me, is my constant angry face. A pissed off look that stays on my face 24/7. People try to be nice by calling it the angry face. but really, what they really meant, was "that was a cock face"

were all humans, its hard not to judge a person based on his looks. We all do... But in the end its the thought that really counts. You can either think of it, than tell yourself to stop, or you can think of it and believe it. And with me looking like an angry fat asian, wearing a sleeveless leather jacket with "lamb of god", "arch enemy", and "bathory" sewn onto it, a cap that says "slayer" and a tattoo of a skull on one arm, its pretty damn hard to walk into a room without getting any attention. BAD attention.

SO then i have a cockface. I did not choose to have it. neither do i HAVE the luxury of choosing a face like edward cullen. So based on 21 years of living as me, here are some pros and cons of having what they call it a COCK FACE, being a metalhead, and having an oversized body.

- People generally dont mess with you. When people see a potential chance to start an argument with you, they usually dont. Come on, there are better candidates to pick on rather than an angry cinafuck fatass.

- Lower chance of getting robbed. Robbers want what they want, and they pick easier targets to rob. COMEON if YOU were the robber would you rather rob an old lady or a fat angry asian?

- relatively convenient in shopping malls. Put on your biggest fuckface, and walk in a mall in a straight line. People avoid you. For once you can walk in ONE UTAMA in a straight line without touching another person!!

- People tend to look to you as an elder brother. Through out highschool and college, i have tons of people older than me calling me big brother. Probably due to the cockface and my extra large body.

- Seeing lalas cower in your presence is relatively satisfying.

- kids that act gangsta will be afraid of you. This, as well is relatively, if not, EXTREMELY satisfying

- You get double like points when you play the nice guy. when a guys that looks like a criminal plays nice, people tend to appreciate them more.

- people think youre a good kid when youre out with your parents. Try going to the market with your mom. The chicken sellers will comment on you being a great kid. People expect you to have no respect when you have a cockface

- momma stares. Get into a restaurant and sit opposite facing a mom and her kids. The mom WILL look at you and look at her watch. If her kid stares at you, she will ask the kid to eat and stop looking at you.

- cock faces cant stand cock faces. So other cock faces may give you bigger cock faces and are probably harder to hang out with.

- people thinks youre gonna slaughter them. When a random grandpa gives you a comment. Just look him in the eye. He will run. Even if you didnt mean anything.

- people find you hard to bring home. Friends have avoided bringing me to their homes. Afraid that theyre parents might think that theyre mixing with the wrong crowd.

- Your own parents will constantly tell you to stop cockstaring waitresses when all you did was really just staring at their boobs.

- You become relatively easy to insult. You can crack your mind on in genius insults and people will just shoot you down with COCK face and every one will laugh

Thats all i can think of. Im sure if you give me a day id think of a hundred more stuff to right. But for now lets just leave it as that. People whom continue to judge metalheads with cockface, lets hope this clears everything. Im a great man, kind and nice. horns up mofos

Monday, February 7, 2011

Family of a headbanger

Whatsup metalheads and people of the world. So chinese new year just passed. Somehow, only after chinese new year, do i feel like the new year has started. This happens to me every year.

So chinese new year is supposed to be a celebration of happiness, prosperity, and reunions. My family had all these things, however, they were all done only on the surface. All meaning is lost, the celebration that held great deep meaning now seem like an empty shell, a car with no tyres, a fist with no knuckles. Having a reunion dinner in a restaurant is just pathetic, let alone the bill forcefully being pushed onto my father alone, politics, money mindedness, and red sausage slaps. All i could say is that my family had always been a fucked up one. full of backstabs, betrayals, and politics. However, i could careless of whatever they want or do. Im tired of carying that gun into battle, not giving a cracked penny if i had my guts spilt allover the place. i know only one thing -obey my elder brother, protect my mother, and defend my younger brother. Nothing else matters

So as soon as i got back from my home town, the symposium gang of course organized an outing. Twas a fun day, having visiting several of my closest friends homes and going crazy in a karaoke. Each outing we draw deeper bonds. we become closer, care more for one another. Point your finger at any of those fuckers in the symposium gang, Ill tell you, he/she would die for one another. This is whats most important. none of us are blood related. But the bonds we hold for each other stands stronger than that of any other blood relatives i have. And this, in my opinion, is a blessing.

We keep expecting darkness, this is useless, there is plenty of darkness in this world. thats why its important to do the right.

Well away from that, its time for metal. If youre into folk metal, heres one for you. orphaned land - ornaments of gold

that concludes this post. for metal. lml

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Corpse on a cross

6 hours from now, ashes of pain will hit the studio for a refined recording of corpses in the river. I am hyped. Very happy at the bands progress. And very eager to do more in the future. Ever since the last record ive been thinking.. the lyrics were very shallow. Yes they were artistic, but the voice of blasphemy was very subtle... a little TOO subtle. And so i cracked my skull to come up with new lyrics. taking inspiration from some of the most blasphemous bands, such as slayer, lamb of god, behemoth, venom, and more.

And here i am laughing to myself, satisfied with my results. Cant help but smile to myself thinking " God damn this is gonna piss alot of people off". Yeah, inspired by Tom Araya. Now all thats left is the recording. Hahaha God bless us

verse 1
blood, has flooded the dirt
it burned the crucified corpse
a fraud, a king of sham
the lamb, was crushed in shame

and if you see not this fools facade
let me tell you that i am mightier than your God

wings and thorns pierced through em the devils claw
i see you corpses oh you waltzed within the gore
i feel the devil tear my chest looking inside
savouring my flesh i bleed i offer him to feed on me

the lies the darkness resides
the fool that met his demise
mutilated and covered with blood
his love spoken but so unheard

rip and tear your flesh as i brutally crush your pride
join me and witness the power of the dark one's might

wings and thorns pierced through me the devils claw
i see you corpses oh you waltzed within the gore
i feel the devil tear my chest looking inside
savouring my flesh i bleed i offer him to feed on me


final chorus
wings and thorns stretched out proud the behemoth
the number of the beast will now rule with hate and sloth
i hear the devil whispering to me inside
the power of the beast will slay the blight and kill the kingdom of the sky

a message to those that are probably enraged by now - tough fuckin shit

for metal lml

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Metal as metal - the beautiful and the powerful

I havent updated for a long time i know .. ive been lazy and so yeah no fuckin excuse for me. However, here i am, with an update.

People... dont understand, the beauty of heavy metal music. I can see it, people are prejudice against it, and label it as noise before even knowing what metal is all about. But look at the people ive influenced up till now, many have changed their views towards metal, many started to appreciate, some eeven agreed that metal is some of the most in genius, sophisticated music ever made.

However, metal is a very masculine form of music, so i can see why most people will take me or any metalhead as posers. They think by being metal were trying to be as macho as we can, they think that we like to be different. well heres a thick big middle fuckin finger for you to gag on. i give you a FUCK YOU. The sole reason why all you suckers think that way is ultimately because you guys ARE that way. You guys dress up all lala walking like a pimp and talkin about love. Fuckin Pathetic! next thing you get dumped you crawl like a radroach towards my feet. Lose that shit punkfucks and get the fuck up.

Anyways enough with the rantings HAHA LOL. Let me first talk about a band i quite recently discovered, SEPTIC FLESH. An atmospheric band. Very very interesting. Septic flesh is a GREEK metal band. YES GREEK METAL, means they sing about greek mythology. Their songs consist of sick twisted riffs. Not in a jumpy punkish way like Korn, but they have a distinctive style. Their beats are slow, their guitars are rough, slow, and disturbing, accompanied by sickening growling vocals. Theyre very powerful, and their material is very strong. Definitely a recommended band.

and enjoy the wall of death lml.

Within the past 3-4 years, ive had the hardest times in my life. and i have to say that i couldnt have done it without metal. that IS how important metal is to me, its more than just music, it has comforted my sorrows, burned my angers, and destroyed my weaknesses. It has made me strong. Of course i couldnt have done it without some people as well haha. YEAH YEAH You guys know who you guys are so wipe that smirk of your faces fuckin syok sendiri bastards HAHA!! to Howe, Miki, Redzuan, James, Jonas, Michelle, Aaron, nikke, and kevyn i raise my horns. STAY FUCKIN METAL, the beautiful and the powerful lml lml

heres one dedicated to you guys,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Asses Of Pain

DAMN its only been such a short time since fest of the tritone is over but im already missing that stage. the power, the metal.
those that were present that day probably heard my band, Ashes of Pain-s first self written song. Since the mic was pretty fucked people probably couldnt hear shit. The song was called "Corpses in the river".
here are the lyrics for the song. please do comment and give me ideas...

blood, has flooded the dirt.
they burn, like crimson fingers
devoured black hearts they danced as they massacred
I feel my body burn and my insides turn to ice
and for the first time i saw the devil's very eyes

wings and thorns stabbed into me the devils claw
corpses floated as if they waltzed within the gore
I feel the devil tear my chest looking inside
savouring my flesh i bleed i offer Him to feed on me

condemned? fuck yourself
you're lied to and you lied with pride
and you act like your God can make you fuckin shine
i hear the antagonizing growling as two eyes stared
it glowed crimson and the colour of blood so red

wings and thorns slashed onto me the devils claw
corpses floated as if they waltzed within the gore
I feel the devil tear my chest looking inside
savouring my flesh i bleed i offer Him to feed on me

hahahaha how is it? some people told me it was cliche, some told me it was scary.. some even told me it wasnt dark enough. LOL ill try harder for the next song, BLACK JESTER... ive only written the chorus for that one.. here are the lyrics so far-

"black suns black seas burn in twisted lunacy.
under the tortures and torments,a crazy ecstasy.
vampyric hungers fed as the dark smile spread.
out it gushed... the blood so red"

lol me and my bro jeremy are still writing the riffs for this one. we will be doing our recording soon... stay tune mates!!! its a pain in the ass but its extremely ejoyable... metal for FUCKING life